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(Foundation for Concrete Art Roland Phleps)
Freiburg-Zaehringen (Germany), Pochgasse 73




Depending on the current situation, the regulations on measures against the spread of the coronavirus may change change at short notice. We will inform you here about the applicable opening hours and regulations for the given situation.

23 May 2021
15 Aug 2021

Memorial exhibition:

Hommage à Roland Phleps
A Retrospective

Exhibition in the "Sculpture Hall" ("Skulpturenhalle") of the foundation in Freiburg-Zaehringen (Germany), Pochgasse 73

The Exhibiton is open every Sunday 11.30 - 16.00 and moreover on Whitmonday (24 May 2021) 11.30 - 16.00.

The current legal regulations always apply, e. g. obligation to wear a mask.

Entry is currently allowed without proof of negative test result or vaccination.

We look forward to your visit and your interest in the work of our founder Roland Phleps, who died in 2020.

Directions to the Sculpture Hall

Roland Phleps: Three sine curve quadrilaterals as an ascending spiral

Three sine curve quadrilaterals
Roland Phleps

12 Sep 2021
7 Nov 2021

Mathias Hornung

Fragment and Wholeness
Data clusters in wood reliefs

Exhibition in the "Sculpture Hall" ("Skulpturenhalle") of the foundation in Freiburg-Zaehringen (Germany), Pochgasse 73

Mathias Hornung: Wood relief

Wood relief
Mathias Hornung


The Foundation and its Activities:

The objective of the foundation is to keep alive the idea of Concrete Art. The foundation is a non-profit organisation and was donated in 1997 by Roland Phleps.
In alternating exhibitions, invited artists and the founder present their opuses for the public in the Sculpture Hall that was inaugurated in 1999.
In addition, concerts take place several times a year in the Sculpture Hall.

More about the foundation ...


Sculpture Hall
of the foundation


The Founder and Sculptor Roland Phleps:

For decades Roland Phleps has been practising as neurologist and psychiatrist at Freiburg. Since 1991 he translates his creative ideas into sculptures made of stainless steel. His sculptures are assigned to the Concrete Art.

More about Roland Phleps ...

The artist and his sculpture "Large Spiral 2"

Roland Phleps
and his sculpture
"Large Spiral 2"


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