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(Foundation for Concrete Art Roland Phleps)
Freiburg-Zaehringen (Germany), Pochgasse 73


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Karl Menzen


Karen Lüderitz


Sounds of Color and Space


sonidos de color y espacio

Karl Menzen: "Lineament-dancing I" (detail). Karen Lüderitz: "Musical" (detail)

"Lineament-dancing I" (detail) and "Musical" (detail)
Karl Menzen and Karen Lüderitz

Exhibition in the "Sculpture Hall" ("Skulpturenhalle") of the foundation in Freiburg-Zähringen, Pochgasse 73 from 13 September until 1 November 2020.

The Exhibiton is open every Sunday 11.30 - 16.00. To visit the exhibition outside these opening times, please phone (Dr. Rönn-Kollmann) for an appointment.

Admission is free.

The current legal regulations always apply, e. g. obligation to wear a mask.

Directions to the Sculpture Hall

Karl Menzen and Karen Lüderitz met in Berlin in 2018 on the occasion of an artist exchange project between Chile and Germany organized by the artists' group META. A joint exhibition "maleta" in the galery "cleartext" and a subsequent symposium at the Institute for Art and Culture in Kloster Lehnin revealed an artistic affinity in dealing with the "void" and the "in-between" despite the most contradictory materials. To intensify and show this in a joint project spontaneously became a great desire and challenging goal. The Roland Phleps Foundation for Concrete Art with its profile and its "Tandem" program is the ideal "destination".

Karen Lüderitz is a visual artist and color is the main focus of her plastic investigations. Hers is an inquiry into the nature of color, simple and direct. She does not seek to express herself through lyrical expressionism, but rather through a synthesis that emerges from her own sensibility (Edward Shaw, 2012). Layer after layer, the remoteness of the sublime is suggested: the color of the Patagonian ice, the humid forest, the Pacific Ocean and the desert of sun and salt. In this arrangement of pigments in planes and layers, a light line crosses randomly, freely and decisively, which comes to intervene as a testimony of what is definitely human; a primordial gesture that evokes the very origins of all artistic expression. In her works color is pure, intense, and immense (Rosalind Burns, 2015).

Karen Lüderitz artista visual y en sus obras el color es el eje principal de sus investigaciones plásticas. La suya es una indagación sobre la naturaleza del color, realizada de manera simple y directa. No busca expresarse a través de un expresionismo lírico, sino de una síntesis que emerge de su sensibilidad (Edward Shaw, 2012). Capa tras capa, se sugiere la lejanía de lo sublime: el color del hielo Patagónico, del bosque húmedo, del Océano Pacífico y del desierto de sol y de sal. En esta disposición de pigmentos en planos y capas atraviesa azaroso, libre y decisivo un trazo ligero, que viene a intervenir como testimonio de lo definitivamente humano; un gesto primordial que evoca los orígenes mismos de toda expresión artística. En sus obras el color es puro intenso e inmenso (Rosalind Burns, 2015).

Karl Menzen is a steel sculptor and was already a guest in the sculpture hall of the foundation in 2018 with his solo exhibition "Transformation". His works are reduced to the essentials and, contrary to the heaviness of the material, sometimes show dancing lightness. Corresponding encounters between the supposed inside and the supposed outside are created. (Fritz Jacobi, 2012) The empty space becomes an equal sculptural material. In an impressive way, he shows how the rational approach of Concrete Art cannot be too dry, too formalistic, but is in balance with the aesthetic approach (Roland Phleps, 2018).